"I contacted Hayley in December 2016 and I can honestly say she was the light at the end of a very long tunnel for me. I was stuck in a rut of low self esteem and feeling totally lost and directionless in my job.  Hayley helped me to refocus and evaluate my goals for my career and learn the skills needed to get myself back in the game confidence wise. I am truly grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to reboot their life "


J. L  


" I was refered to Holistic Me by a friend for an anxiety issue I was struggling with. Hayley was able to access the root of the issue for me through hypnotherapy and has enabled me to conquer a fear that has held me back me for many years "



" I contacted Hayley after taking time off work due to work related stress and anxiety. I had totally lost all my confidence and self-worth. Hayley enabled me to understand how my mind and thought processes work and from there I was able to see my life much more positively and gain a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve. I now feel more confident about myself and my abilities "


" I was fortunate enough to have three amazing sessions with Hayley to work on my confidence mainly and I must say the sessions were phenomenal.

Hayley with her calming effect , knowledge , professionalism and experience completely blew me away and actually taught me so much about myself that I never even knew.  Fast forward a couple of months and I'm still learning so much of the back of her sessions .

I can't thank you enough for this Hayley and anyone who has the pleasure to work along side you will know exactly what I mean by this too "




" If you are suffering with Anxiety I cannot recommend Hayley enough. Even from our first conversation she made me feel so much better and was able to identify the trigger areas of my life that I then felt able to begin changing. It has helped me beyond words and I feel like a weight has been lifted at last "


F. M



" I saw Hayley before Christmas for my first session of hypnotherapy. I had no idea what to expect as I had never done this before.  She made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable.  I was feeling very low and had gained a lot of weight, but couldn't get myself to do anything about it.  After my first session I felt so positive and so alive, even friends noticed the change in me.  I haven't been snacking since my second session. I also started doing some Pilates which she recommended as Ive got some health issues. She is a lovely lady and goes the extra mile to help you.  I would highly recommend her.  Thank you for helping me x "




" Thank you so much, i've really enjoyed our sessions together. I feel i've had a good insight of myself and feel a lot more confident in what I hope to achieve in the future "




" I spent several years struggling with self esteem and anxiety issues and had pretty much resigned myself to feeling like that for the rest of my life until I went to see Hayley. I was literally at rock bottom emotionally but within a few sessions I felt I had turned a corner. I now feel like my life is back on track and I have learnt coping skills to keep it that way. I will always be grateful to Hayley for all her help "


K. A


" Hayley helped me through some extremely tough, anxious times I was a quivering wreck and now have learnt to manage my anxieties and I'm a more confident, positive person who actually realises I'm worth something "




" I came to see Hayley to help with my self-esteem after a difficult time returning to work following maternity leave. My confidence was shot and I felt I had lost my edge being away from the work place for so long. After a few life coaching sessions with Hayley I was able to regain the passion and drive I used to have and recognise where my strengths are. I finally feel like ive got the old me back again "



" I just wanted to say a big thank you Hayley for your help!

A few months ago I was suffering with recurring migraines, they were literally everyday and were stopping me from doing all the things that I wanted and needed to do. The doctors were fairly unhelpful and their answer was basically anti-depressants. Cue Hayley who somehow managed to cure me literally overnight!

It's been about 4 months now and haven't had a single migraine or headache. Can't thank you enough! "





" You have helped me gain a much better perspective of myself as a person and that alone has given me the confidence I needed to make a change. Thank you for giving me the knowledge to get my life moving again"





"I am forever grateful to this amazing lady.

Hayley has helped me understand and see things in a completely different light. I highly recommend her to anyone who suffers with anxiety or difficulty with self confidence."





"Hayley is the next best thing to a magic wand! She has helped me enormously through my battles with anxiety and panic attacks. I am so grateful to her for helping me through some really horrible, dark times. Hayley has inspired me hugely and encouraged me to rediscover a more positive and happy me. She is so passionate about helping others and her wealth of knowledge has influenced me to make significant changes in the way I live my life. I have learnt so much from her and I hope I will continue to do so.

When I first started my treatment with Hayley, my anxiety and panic attacks were controlling me and holding me back. I felt like I was fighting a battle on almost a daily basis. This was affecting my self-confidence significantly too. With Hayley’s help, I am now in control and I feel free again. Thank you Hayley from the bottom of my heart, you are a star"





" I felt like the sessions we had together showed me that many of the problems I faced were in my head and I was my own worst enemy. You really helped me to realise this and showed me ways to see the positive in every situation. You made me feel like I was not alone and I felt really comfortable being around you. Im very grateful for all your help, thank you for everything "





" Hayley was recommended to me by a friend to try to help me with Anxiety and self-esteem issues I’ve had since I was 19.  I had tried lots of different therapy in the past and not felt any change but Hayley just nailed it for me. She is so different in the way she works it literally felt like a switch went on in my head. I’m so grateful, thank you!! "





"After an operation last November it triggered depression which then led onto anxiety, with only the hope of a packet of pills to pull me through I was recommended to contact Hayley.

Her approach is not what you would normally associate with counselling, it’s a mixture of hypnosis, talking, visualisation & reiki, not forgetting homework!

In three 90 minute sessions I have achieved far more than I ever thought I would and feel so different, to the point of ditching the pills.

If you are suffering and are not sure where to go, please pick up the phone or message Hayley, it will be the start of your journey to getting on the road to recovery.

I will be forever grateful to Hayley, I really feel that I’m heading in the right direction and after 8 long months my family are closer to having the old me back".





" Hayley has helped me with my anxiety so much. I never thought I would be so calm and chilled. I feel so relaxed and laid back when before I was so uptight and paranoid about things that I don’t even think about now. I have so much more confidence, independence, and best of all I feel good about myself. Realising that I wanted help was the best thing I could have done, just talking to someone made a massive difference. I couldn’t have done it without Hayley, she’s amazing! x"



" I have learnt to deal with problems from my past and present, Hayley has helped me understand my thoughts and the way my mind worked . She has a very caring way about her that helped me change my pattern of thought and improve my life. I now have a very positive outlook and look forward to what the future brings.

Thank you for your help and I would highly recommend Holistic me services to anyone in need....  "





" Thank you Hayley for helping Holly with her mindset and feelings regarding return back to school after illness . One session with you totally turned her thought processing around and two sessions seems to have done the trick . She wants to return as she loves the feeling of being hypnotised so much, and loves talking to you !

Thank you - I would recommend anyone getting in touch with you."