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I felt compelled to write this post this week following the tragic news of Caroline Flack taking her own life and the aftermath that continues to be played out in the news and media.

I didn't know Caroline personally but a part of me actually hurt inside knowing she was now gone from this earth because she couldn't find the sanctuary she so needed.

On the day after the news broke, I went for a walk and just stood in the middle of a field and cried. Tears for the loss and passing of someone I've never even met but in some way felt a genuine human connection to. I felt an immense sense of helplessness at such a waste of this vibrant woman's life. I thought of her family and the days they now face without her. I just cried.

No one will ever know for sure what made her choose that final place of surrender but like so many others who lose loved ones in these tragic circumstances, in those final moments, this option must have seemed the only way out to silence the pain and torment.

For those left behind the ripple of suicide is utterly devastating, felt far and wide and leaving a deep void filled with so many unanswered questions and emotions. Nothing but the endless searching for answers that bring no closure because it's all too late.

Although the subtle wind of change concerning Mental Health has slowly begun to address the stigma that surrounds people's Psychological and Emotional issues there is still so much to do and still so much to understand because so much of it remains shielded from view.

We can so readily assume that what we see is what we get in the many faces we meet or see on TV and in glossy magazines, not for one moment suspecting that a person's smile might just be hiding a million broken pieces.

We live in a digital age where social media seems to have displaced real authentic social contact, where likes and followers now seem to matter more than the true meaning and sense of belonging.

What is so damaging within this online world is how easily a throwaway comment or opinion of a total stranger can all too easily prise open the innermost vulnerabilities of an individual leaving them exposed to the harshest critic of all which is often themselves.

Measuring their sense of personal value in this world against the gossip and spiteful words of another. This truly saddens me the most, it is all so needless and so wrong.

So yes, in a world where you can be anything, #BeKind... it matters but please make time to direct that same kindness within too. This is where it starts...from the heart. Isn't that all of us ever strive for, to know that we are enough?

Life is so fragile and precious, there is no rehearsal and there can never be a substitute for the part you have to play.

Please know whoever you are that you matter... because absolutely nothing could ever or will ever replace YOU.

Hayley x

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