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I want to talk to you about perspective and how it can play a pivotal role in how you feel. Our perspective or viewpoint of something also provides us with a running thought reel and commentary in our mind complete with a personal set of feelings to accompany it. This applies to everything you experience in life but is particularly relevant with regard to anything that troubles you or has left a scar emotionally.

You see it's our own personal perspective that provides the filter by which we continue to experience the event, person or place. We begin to associate the feelings we get with that event, person or place and this can create a mental block from which to view it any differently.

So how can we change this?

It's first important to recognize that anything you feel comes as a direct feedback response to your thoughts about said thing. It's our thoughts that are the creative energy that flow through our consciousness providing the experience we then feel. The mind is literally like a special effects department that works in synchronicity with your thoughts meaning we create how we feel through our thinking each and every day.

Let me give you an example by which to show you just how perspective and thoughts creates your experience:

Let us say you are walking to work or school and you see a friend you know on the other side of the road. You smile and gesture hello but they look away and continue to walk on by. The first perspective of this event could be, why didn't speak to me, what have I done wrong, perhaps someones said something about me, I need to check my social media, perhaps they don't like me anymore, have I forgotten something important and that's why they ignored me....etc, etc.

Feelings associated with this type of thinking would be worrying, anxiety, hurt, anger and ultimately you spend your time then suffering from your perspective of this event.

The second perspective of this same event could be; That's typical of "insert friends name here" he/she is always distracted I will call later. Or he/she must be in a hurry today. Or she couldn't have seen me. Can you see how the thoughts and perspective of the same event feels entirely different? There is no suffering or additional back story as to what has just unfolded.

We all have the ability and choice to see things differently and as a result have a very different emotional experience, meaning a lot less stress, worry or anxiety in our lives as a result. Remembering that its always our thoughts that are the creative force behind our version of reality presents us with infinite opportunities for change.

Hayley x

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