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Look Inside

Im sure at some point you have had one of those moments when you've caught yourself thinking where is my life heading, or am I good enough, or is this really it?

In todays frantic world we are bombarded with images or subliminal messages in the media of what are lives should supposedly look like, whats deemed success, what isn't and so the list goes on.

The online world showcases only the very best snippets of peoples lives with filter perfect images that present us with a proverbial yard stick of measuring ourselves up.

Have you ever checked in though to ask yourself if any of that 'stuff' makes you feel good?

All too often we get fooled into the belief that if we just change our external circumstances in some way everything will fall into place for us, then we will be happy, then we will be ok.

In truth it's an internal shift in knowing you're ok regardless of your circumstances that holds the real key and is where your own personal resilience and peace of mind can be found.

Forcing yourself or your life to fit the expectations of someone else is a little like being told to wear another persons shoes every single day. Chances are they are going to be an uncomfortable fit and you're going to struggle to get anywhere quickly.

When something is right for you regardless of what that might be, it feels right for you too and that 'knowing' feeling comes from you, from the inside out. Inside is where your own internal guide and compass is found so it's wise to pay attention to where it's pointing and you are far less likely to lose your way.

Above all look inside for a feeling and trust your journey, it's where you belong.

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