Hayley Glover

BA Hons, DipHyp, CHyp, 

DipLC, CMHA, HA Accredited 

Specialisms at Holistic Me:


- Mental Health Coaching

- Emotional Wellbeing


- Hypnotherapy


- Holistic Wellness


- Creative Therapy

- Energy Healing


- Meditation


- Mindfulness

- Online Therapy

Hello and welcome!

Holistic Me offers adaptable, solutions and treatment for many common Health issues that can inflict our daily lives including help with Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Depression, Overwhelm, Low self-esteem  and much more.

The services at Holistic Me include access to Talking Therapies to address Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Wellness Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Holistic Specialisms to suit.

As well as treatment room based appointments Holistic Me also provides convenient online based therapy sessions which are both convenient and effective.

Nurturing Mental Health and Wellbeing is the very ethos of Holistic Me and this is because the path to wellbeing begins deep at root level.

My name is Hayley and i'm the founder of Holistic Me. 

I'm a qualified Mental Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Creative Therapist.

Several years ago I noticed there was a noticeable gap in the market to treat and support Mental Wellness from a 360° Holistic approach enabling people to get a greater understanding of themselves and thereby accessing a deeper level of healing and connection as a whole.

It is from this understanding that Holistic Me has now grown steadily to become a trusted Therapy and Wellness provider for Adults, Teens and Children.


The mind and how we think has an inextricable connection with how we function and feel each day on physiological level.

In order to find resolution to our problems it is essential we gain the insight to learn and understand the principles that underpin our happiness, health and wellbeing. This is where I can help.


Our fast paced society often leaves little space for self-care and the wisdom to help ourselves heal and feel better can be overlooked.

The positive news is that just like our bodies, our minds have the innate capacity to heal and repair given the right insight and knowledge.

If you are ready to make change happen why not get in touch?

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Our worries and fears or personal challenges are a natural response to our circumstances and are what make us human. 

These feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, taking action is what really matters and are a positive step towards better health and regaining happiness and wellbeing.

By learning to bolster our Mental Health we help increase our resilience and ability to cope if we hit a bump in the road and life throws us an unexpected curveball!

It is possible to live each day without the debilitating effects of Anxiety and Stress. Where you are now does not define you and it is important to know that how you currently feel is not permanent regardless of how long you have suffered with your symptoms!

The brain is an amazing complex structure, capable of creating new neural pathways and establishing new learnt behaviours which in turn affect how we exist in the world by overriding out-dated unhelpful thinking patterns. Each of us have within us vast creative untapped potential to make change happen.

The Therapeutic solutions at Holistic Me are designed to help provide the knowledge and expertise you need to find clarity and peace of mind again and the insight to get back to being you.

For more detailed information on any of the services available simply click the link below to read more detail about each of the specialisms available at the practice. 

Sessions are always tailored to you and structured at a pace you are comfortable with but remember it is you that holds the key in taking that first exciting step forwards.

Why not get started today!


Due to the current restrictions all appointments at Holistic Me are currently online by FaceTime, Skype or via telephone until further notice.

Adult Appointment

1 Hour



Child | Teen Appointment

45 Minutes


Reiki Healing (unavailable until further notice)

1 hour


For appointment availability times please get in touch.

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