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Specialisms within the Holistic Me Maidstone Practice include: 


- Life Coaching

- Hypnotherapy

- Reiki Healing

- Creative Therapy

- Mindfulness

- Meditation

As a trusted and Accredited Therapist in her field, Hayley has successfully worked with people from all walks of life to create lasting change and transition in their lives.


Holistic Me offers a unique calm space within a relaxed garden setting

with convenient free parking available on site.

Each appointment is individually tailored and adapted accordingly to include a combination of Therapies based on the needs of the client.


Session duration times at Holistic Me are structured to ensure an unhurried personalised experience making them ideal for anxious clients who may need that extra time to settle in to their appointment. 

If you are ready for change and would like to know more why not get in touch to arrange your own Free Initial Consultation. 


Make an enquiry today for further details and appointment availability.

Holistic Me is a friendly Wellbeing Practice based in Maidstone, offering a range of professional and accessible Therapy Services designed to assist with a broad range of emotional issues including treatment for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress.


The practice caters for Adults, Teens and Children and provides effective, helpful and practical solutions to help you feel better and make the lasting changes you really want to achieve for yourself.

Services at Holistic Me provide clients with uniquely tailored sessions that can include Coaching for Mental Wellbeing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Creative Therapy, Meditation and Mindfulness.  

Your Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health and has never been so important in an age where our fast paced lives can sometimes mean we find ourselves struggling but just don't know how to make the changes to feel better. 


Please get in touch to arrange a Free Consultation or to find out more about the services at Holistic Me.

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Nurturing your Mental Health is the ethos of Holistic Me as we can all face things that knock us off track or create resistance for us in some way. Our personal challenges are what make us human and are nothing to be ashamed of. Taking action is what really matters!


Perhaps you need help with Anxiety, StressPanic Attacks or Depression or how you feel each day makes it difficult to cope at work, school, or socially.

Maybe you now avoid doing the things you once previously enjoyed because of how your physical symptoms make you feel?

Holistic Me offers support with a wide range of personal and emotional challenges providing expertise and insight to help you overcome challenges and find freedom from whatever is holding you back. 

If you have tried Therapy before but have been left feeling disappointed with the results Holistic Me can help!

For more information on any of the services available simply click the link below to read more detail about each of the specialisms available at the practice.

Sessions are always tailored to you and structured at a pace you are comfortable with.

07963 938 916

Adult Appointments £65 -  (customised session up to 90 minutes) 

Child | Teen Appointments - £50 (customised session up to 60 minutes) 

Reiki Healing Appointment Only - £30 (1 hour) 

Holistic Me

57 Abingdon Road,



ME16 9EE

All Enquiries: 07963 938 916