Would you like to make a positive change to how you feel?

Is Anxiety or stress a big feature in your day to day?

Do you often feel you are not enough or lacking in some way?

Have you lost your sense of identity,purpose or self esteem?

Does overthinking keep you feeling stuck?

Most importantly, are you happy...?

If you can relate to any of these questions in some way then you are not alone!

In the fast pace of life, it can often seem there is an ever-present sense of needing to do more when at times it just all feels too much. This is where Holistic Me can help.

Holistic Me is an Online Therapy Portal for Women with services tailored to support Emotional Well-being, Mental Health, and Wellness.  


My name is Hayley Glover and I am a qualified Life Coach, Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and trained Holistic Practitioner. 

My professional therapy services have developed over the years to cover a broad range of modalities which include Talking Therapies, Mentoring, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Holistic Specialisms such as Energy Healing, Reiki, Mindfulness, and Meditation.


Online Virtual Therapy is fast becoming a more preferable and convenient option for those who lead busy lifestyles. It is also particularly helpful if you are someone who may feel anxious about leaving home or does not want to travel. In addition, Virtual Online Therapy is an ideal solution for anyone who is looking to access convenient personal Therapy as to work with me all you need is internet access, a smartphone, or PC and you're good to go!

Common areas that I can assist with at Holistic Me include General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Stress, Low Self Esteem, Identity, Life changes, Overthinking, Confidence, Imposter Syndrome and so much more. 

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a free consultation taster session.

If you would like to experience more peace of mind, less stress, and a happier outlook on your own life, why not give yourself permission to get started today!


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Holistic Me offers a range of effective Online Virtual Therapy Services all accessible from the comfort of your own home. 

online therapy for women

My Expertise

- Talking Therapies

- Mentoring

- Coaching


- Clinical Hypnotherapy


- Creative Therapy

- Energy Healing

- Reiki


- Meditation


- Mindfulness

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The emotional challenges each of us face throughout our lives are what make us uniquely human, they are certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Our experiences may shape us but they do not have to define us!

As women, we so often place huge pressure on ourselves, trying to meet the perceived expectations of society or how others see us.

Perhaps you worry about what people think of you or try to people please all the time or constantly strive for perfection?


We can find ourselves juggling so many balls all while harbouring a sense of feeling we are never enough.

Perhaps you feel like that too?

My role as your Therapist is to gently guide you forwards from a positive standpoint so that you can learn to transform the way you feel about yourself and as a result bring fresh insight, equilibrium, and authenticity back into your life. 

Together we will explore how you see yourself and what it is you truly want.

Client sessions are always personally tailored to you as an individual and are structured at a pace you are comfortable with. The sessions will often include a combination of Therapy approaches ensuring you receive a multifaceted approach to your therapy goals.


Please get in touch for more details of how these sessions could work for you. Taster sessions are FREE of charge.



If you would like to work with me the best place to start is to get in touch by email. I always aim to respond to enquiries within 24 hours.

Contact: sayhello.holisticme@gmail.com

Free resources are also available to help you get started today.