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Holistic Me offers a personalised range of Online Wellbeing and Therapy options for Women designed to nurture and support Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health. 

Perhaps you are someone who struggles with Anxiety, or you find yourself constantly overthinking and worrying.

Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed or are constantly exhausted and just need some time out to offload and reset but don't know where to begin? 

It could be you struggle with your confidence or self-esteem or often feel you are not enough? 

Maybe you're going through a transition in your life that has brought about unsettling changes or uncertainty for you?

Or perhaps you just feel stuck and unable to move your life forwards because of worries, doubts or ongoing limiting beliefs? 

Regardless of where you find yourself right now, in the fast pace of life, it can often seem there is an ever-present sense of needing to do more and be more when at times it can all feel too much. This is where I can help.


My name is Hayley and I'm a qualified Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Practitioner. 

As a Therapist, my services cover a range of modalities including Talking Therapies, Coaching for both the personal and professional areas of your life, Hypnotherapy, and a range of Holistic Specialisms which include Energy Healing, Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques.

Each of these specialisms are integrated to provide a bespoke Therapy experience to help you find a more grounded, less stressed way of living life and to introduce serenity, peace of mind, and balance back into your every day.


Over the last few years as a professional Therapist, I've successfully worked with many different clients from all walks of life helping them to take back control so they may facilitate changes in their lives and reach their full potential without nagging fears, worries, or limitations. 


Holistic Me services are exclusively online, providing access to clients from all over the world.

Online appointments offer a truly convenient and highly effective means of nurturing your Mental Health by accessing Therapy at a time to suit you from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is internet access, a smartphone, tablet or home computer and I will arrange the rest. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a taster session to see how this could work for you. 


If you would like to experience more peace of mind, less stress and a happier outlook on your life give yourself permission to get started today!


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Expertise at Holistic Me

- Talking Therapies

- Personal and Business Coaching


- Clinical Hypnotherapy


- Creative Therapy

- Energy Healing

- Reiki


- Meditation


- Mindfulness

The emotional challenges we face throughout our lives are what make us uniquely human, they are certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

As women we often place huge pressure on ourselves to be all things to all people, the perfect mother, the perfect shape, the perfect career woman, juggling so many balls to achieve it all while all too often harbouring a sense of feeling we are never enough.

My role is to gently guide you forwards from a positive standpoint so that you can learn to transform the way you feel about yourself helping you to release the blocks that may be holding you back and bring fresh insight, equilibrium and authenticity back into your life.

My client sessions are personally tailored to you as an individual and always structured at a pace you are comfortable with. The sessions will often include a combination of Therapy types ensuring you receive a multifaceted approach to your treatment and therapy goals.


Please get in touch for more details of how these sessions could work for you.

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Fees | Contact

Online Therapy Appointment: 1 hour - £55 

Therapy Room based Reiki Appointment: 45 mins - £30  

*Reiki Appointments are Evenings only subject to availability please enquire for details

To make an enquiry about appointments or to arrange a free consultation contact sayhello.holisticme@gmail.com