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Nurturing Happier Minds, Transforming Wellbeing...

"Hayley is the next best thing to a magic wand! She has helped me enormously through my battles with anxiety and panic attacks."

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Growing up can be a tricky process at times and managing your feelings when you don’t feel right can make things seem even more difficult.

At a time when you are trying to make sense of the world, fit in with your peers, look right, and live up to the expectations of everyone around you its little wonder things may suddenly seem to overwhelm you.


But what if you could understand how to experience life completely differently and drop all those, thoughts, worries and expectations?


Imagine just knowing you are perfectly ok each and every day?


How would your life be different?



Working together I will show you how all of these things are accessible to you and that a shift in knowledge and perspective can open the door to new positive changes in how you feel.



Some of the specific areas I can assist with include:



- Anxiety at School / College / University


- Depression


- Not feeling good enough


- Low Self-Esteem


- Managing Stress


- Social Anxiety


- Peer Group Issues


- Body Image


- Confidence


- Phobias




To find out more about the tailored sessions I offer for Teens or to discuss your needs you can contact me in complete confidence on 07963 938916.

Mental Wellbeing for Teens