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Have you ever found yourself lacking self-esteem, self-belief or confidence? Perhaps you just can't get motivated to make the changes you want in life?

This is where coaching and mentoring can help and it can be applied to different areas of your life either personally or also on a professional level in your work and career.

Coaching enables you to achieve measurable results and is a process that encourages and supports you to move your life forwards with renewed motivation.


The main purpose of coaching is to work with you on developing you as an individual giving you the space to discover what is important to you, your values in life and who you are.  

It bolsters your confidence and self-esteem and actively encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone, change your mindset and face challenges so you can work towards personal

transformation.  Hayley provides coaching and mentoring services to both adults and children and has knowledge and experience of working with children within an educational support setting.


Coaching is not counselling, but instead provides an unbiased means of looking forwards. Its primary objective is designed to assess where you are in respect of the different areas of your life you are looking to change providing clarity and perspective to motivate and inspire to reach your full potential.

Working together through discussion and personal reflection Hayley will give you the insight and encouragement you to work through challenges. clear goals in either the personal or professional areas of your life and keep you personally accountable for making the positive changes you seek.


What is Life Coaching?

How is Coaching helpful?

Coaching is useful for progression and personal development and can be used to work on the following:



- Self-Esteem


- Self-Belief


- Confidence


- Mindset


- Assertiveness


- Motivation


- Life Changes


- Personal Image | Identity


- Relationships


- Career Progression


- Leadership


- Personal | Professional Development


FREE Initial Consultation


Adults - £60


Children | Students - £45


Concessions for Emergency Services and Armed Forces Personnel - £50


Session Duration: Up to 90 mins

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