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"Hayley is the next best thing to a magic wand! She has helped me enormously through my battles with anxiety and panic attacks."

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What is CBT?

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy used to help promote positive change in individuals.


CBT is based on the principles that our thoughts, 'which are the cognitive part' directly affect our feelings, behaviour and actions and provides you with new insight to understand cycles of irrational, unhelpful thinking and access more beneficial ways to react to these when they arise.


Rather than focusing on the past, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy deals with current problems in the here and now to provide you with simple practical ways to move forwards with confidence.


What issues can CBT help with?

- Anxiety | Panic Attacks


- Self-Esteem


- Negative or Unhelpful Thinking


- Post-Natal Depression


- Post-traumatic-stress disorder


- Stress




- Depression


- Eating disorders




- Anger Management


- Pain Management


- Phobias


- Sports Performance


- Public Speaking