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By Hayley Glover, Feb 9 2018 11:23AM

Lets face it the majority of us don’t get up everyday and think today I’m going to get it wrong as many times as I can.

We are super conditioned in our modern day society to get things right as very often the opposite is viewed as a negative.

Our lives follow very much the same format and as we become adults we leave the playfulness of youth behind in favour of conforming to a more, well ‘adult’ way of being. Perfectionism replaces our childlike curiosity and making a mistake is to be avoided because that makes us looks stupid and feels uncomfortable.

But what if I told you that getting it wrong sometimes can be ok!!

Yes yes yes, it is absolutely ok to f*** up now and again because this is when you will truly grow more than ever before.

Making mistakes shape and mould you as an individual, they reveal your strengths, and encourage you to look within. Getting it wrong gives you new understanding and knowledge, motivating you to adapt and do things differently essentially uncovering paths you had never even considered before.

It all sounds so simple doesn’t it but just as an example how many times have you found yourself in a job, relationship, or environment where you were unhappy but you stayed put because you were afraid if you changed things you might be making a mistake? Fear keeps you stuck and you being seen as getting it wrong feels even scarier.

When we change our perspective on making mistakes or getting it wrong we ultimately free ourselves from this rigid way of thinking and immediately take the pressure off. Its ok not to be ok right now and its ok to try again!!

Each and every one of us learn from our mistakes on both a conscious and physical level. From the day we are born our lives are meant to unfold to embrace growth and discovery.

Rather than fearing the act of making a mistake why not flip your viewpoint to see it as an opportunity from which you will evolve.

No one is perfect, we are all work in progress and the greatest teacher of all is the one who has learnt many lessons.