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By Hayley Glover, Mar 1 2018 05:22PM

Observation is a wonderful thing and certainly from my own perspective a quiet point of reference.

Its a fact we spend a lot of our lives trying to figure out who we truly are. Im sure at some point you have had one of those days, weeks or months when you've caught yourself thinking where is my life heading?

In todays frantic world we are bombarded with images and messages in the media of what are lives should supposedly look like, whats deemed a successful person, what isn't and so the list goes on and on.

Social Media showcases the best snippets of peoples lives, filter perfected faces and presents us with a varying proverbial yard stick of measuring yourself up experiences.

Please just stop and ask yourself if any of this makes you feel any better? Does it really add any intrinsic value to who you are?

The true essence of you comes from within and what is outside of you is not where any level of meaning resides.

You could have all the money in the world, the perfect house, car, job, or body and still feel empty and unfulfilled.

We get trapped into the belief that if we change our external circumstances everything will fall into place for us when infact it is the internal changes that hold the real key to creating the greatest shift of all.

Looking within is where your spiritual blueprint and connection to your intuitive self can be found.

This is where you will find your own purpose, infinite wisdom and guiding light.

Take a moment to look within and sense what makes you truly happy and seek to bring more of it into your life on a conscious level. Ultimately how you feel is always going to be the one true benchmark for whats right or wrong for you.

Make the decision to step away from the people or things that don't light you up inside. Believe me when you do it is truly liberating and you will notice how your own energy lifts and changes. Rather than reacting to outside influences you can simply observe them which brings a totally new level of clarity and perspective into your life.

Choose to be the creator of your own story because when all is said and done who wants to fit in a box anyway?