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By Hayley Glover, Jan 13 2018 06:38PM

Ive wanted to write a blog about this for a while now as it seems so many of us fall foul of the pitfalls of self-talk and its incessant ramblings.

Self-talk is quite literally that...the chatter we have in our heads. You may have heard it give its opinion a few times.... you look really tired, or look at the size of your thighs, or you look really old, or maybe even why bother you're not good enough.

I could go on but I think you get the general drift of the chatter i’m talking about. When I work with my Life Coaching clients I get them to give this negative type of self-talk a name or make it a character so they can be ready to identify it when it pipes up next time and the time after that.

See this is the thing with self-talk its always going to be there so you can let it bully or you or you can learn to turn that nonsense into a positive by creating its polar opposite, a best friend. Think of something or someone who totally inspires you and tap into that energy visually and vocally.

I teach my clients to flip a negative thought process by reminding themselves of goals they have achieved or to recognise things in their life they are grateful for. I also get them to view life through the eyes of the person or role model that inspires would they act or respond to this percieved challenge or situation? Changing the perspective helps to alter the lens from which you view your life so you can begin to see ways of looking at things differently.

Another quick and easy way to halt the bully banter is to add the simple three letter word 'yet' after a negative thought process. For example negative self talk such as; Im useless I still haven't managed to loose that weight I wanted to.....yet! or whats the point, Im just not confident enough to do that...yet!

Ultimately reminding yourself that all negative self-talk boils down to your thoughts and guess what thoughts are just that!

Its time for your best friend to step up.

By Hayley Glover, Aug 25 2017 07:00AM

Lets talk about Happiness….

What does it mean to you?

Im not talking about the prefabricated, shiny social profile hype happy either I’m talking about ‘the real happy’!

Is Happiness, after all simply just a state of mind?

Perhaps it could be suggested that ‘Happiness’ is when life fulfils all your needs and gives you a sense of completeness?

Or is it so much more than that?

If I asked you to take a moment to strip back all the external noise and fluff in your life, look yourself square in the eyes and ask yourself “am I happy”, what would the answer be?

A definite feeling, an unmistakable yes, a sort of, or I wish I could be?

Perhaps ‘the real happy’ is more to do with listening to whats going on inside and finding your level rather than striving for an attained or perfected state of being? Just maybe real happiness is a map unique to us all?

By Hayley Glover, Aug 23 2017 07:37PM

Individuality, what is it and why is it important?

In a nutshell, Google describes it as, "the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind".

As humans we are all completely different, our looks, personality, strengths and abilities. It is these wonderful differences that make us who we are, so why then in today's society do we sometimes find ourselves striving so hard to fit in?

Your uniqueness is a gift so embrace it, afterall it is your authentic code and identity on this planet.

When you choose to tap into these qualities, live life on purpose and begin to share your genuine self that is when you can truly shine and inspire others.