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Anxiety Help, Treatment & Recovery

Anxiety is our bodies natural response to fear which stimulates an inbuilt primal fight or flight response.

We need this to survive in order for us to react quickly in a dangerous or extreme stress inducing situation.


We have all experienced nerves and anxiety to some extent in our lives before a certain event for example like sitting an exam or attending an interview.  This is a normal response and the feelings tend to pass or dissipate quickly once the event is over.

It is when we experience repeated symptoms of Anxiety outside of the norm and it starts to affect how we live our daily lives that it becomes an issue. If you are running your life around your Anxiety symptoms then you will know exactly what I am referring to.


This type of unhelpful Anxiety is best described as a fear of fear. A fear of the anxious feelings themselves and so you begin to avoid things that create those feelings. You then begin to try to monitor and control the anxious thoughts and feelings and this just adds another layer of stress for you to deal with. Your world can begin to feel smaller and smaller. How do I know, ive been there and it sucks!

You may even believe its a particular something you are afraid of but actually it is your own thoughts related to that something that is driving your anxiety and are what scares you.

Let me explain how this works.  Not everyone is afraid of dogs, or driving on motorways, or going in lifts for example but to some people their thoughts about that matter or a particular experience are what then creates a chain of thinking and then intense anxious feelings.  

It is your thoughts that run the show here and you then live that reality in your daily life.



Anxiety may be experienced as any of the following symptoms and can vary from person to person:


- Racing Heart


- Clammy hands


- Dry Mouth


- Feeling Hot


- Feeling sick


- Butterflies in the stomach


- Numbness


- Jumpiness


- Palpitations


- Dizziness or visual disturbance


- Changes to hearing


- Confusion


- Feeling Smothered


- Difficulty Swallowing


- Weakness


- Jelly legs


- Feeling Faint


- Feeling like you are going to loose control of your bladder or bowels


- Feeling like your going mad or going to lose control


- Blurred vision


- Pins and Needles


- Feeling detached or spaced out




Your anxious conscious thoughts trigger a specific emotional response in the body which are then followed by feelings or symptoms which in turn then trigger a specific type of behaviour by you, triggering further thoughts and so a pattern begins to formulate and a script is learnt.

Your sub-conscious brain references this script each time a similar event presents itself in order to find a solution quickly and will continue to do so in order to do its job of keeping you safe. In short your brain is doing a perfect job of doing exactly what you are asking it to do.


When you are suffering with Anxiety it can be a scary and lonely place when all you really want is to feel normal again and live your life symptom free.


The positive news here is that you can make a change and more importantly you can begin to do it quickly by gaining new insight and understanding. Ive helped many clients to break free from Anxiety, have a read of their testimonials here.


You will learn that you are not stuck like this and best of all you are going to be OK!

Many clients say that just making the decision to take that first step feels like a mammoth leap in the right direction....!

What does working with me offer you?

Help and insight to restore calm back in your life


Optimise your health and wellbeing on all levels in mind, body and soul


Learn to halt the worry wheel that drives your Anxiety


Identify limiting beliefs that keep Anxiety alive


Stop planning your life around your Anxiety


Trust yourself and tap into your own inner wisdom


Imprint new knowledge to be your best friend not your own worst enemy


Create lasting change


Move forwards with confidence and self-belief


Enjoy your life symptom free

Im ready to get started