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Freedom from Anxiety and Stress

We have all experienced nerves, stress and anxiousness to some extent in our lives before a certain event for example like sitting an exam or attending an interview.  

It is when you begin to experience repeated symptoms of Anxiety outside of the norm and it starts to affect and control how you live your daily life that it becomes a problem. If this sounds familiar and you are planning your life around your symptoms then you will know exactly what I am referring to.


When you have Anxiety you often begin to try and avoid things that created those feelings for you. You may even try to monitor and control the anxious thoughts and feelings and this just adds another layer of stress for you to deal with.

Your world becomes smaller and smaller and it becomes the next thing and the next thing that you need to manage or control in your head and outside world in order for you to feel safe.

This is both upsetting and difficult to live with and can impact many areas of your life from attending school, going on holiday, driving on motorways, going to work and even socialising with your friends.  



Anxiety Symptoms may include any of the following:


- Racing Heart


- Clammy hands


- Dry Mouth


- Feeling Hot


- Feeling sick


- Butterflies in the stomach


- Numbness


- Jumpiness


- Palpitations


- Dizziness or visual disturbance


- Changes to hearing


- Confusion


- Feeling Smothered


- Difficulty Swallowing


- Weakness | Jelly Legs


- Difficulty Sleeping


- Feeling Faint


- Feeling like you are going to loose control of your bladder or bowels


- Feeling like your going mad or going to lose control


- Blurred vision


- Pins and Needles


- Feeling detached or spaced out


- Avoidance behaviour


- Feeling like a failure


- Aggression




Any type of Stress or Anxiety is powered by thought and these thoughts trigger an immediate physical emotional response in your body.

The feelings you begin to feel are then followed by more thoughts which in turn then trigger further behavioural responses where you often then try to fix your symptoms or get away from what you see is the source of your distress.  

As your physiology alters, your heart rate increases and breathing rate changes which often generates more frightening feelings as you become aware of the symptoms you are experiencing. You might be thinking i.e. I need to get away, Im trapped, im going to be sick, I can't breathe, I can't cope, im going to pee myself, Im going to faint!!  

Perhaps in some cases you may have even experienced a full blown panic attack which leaves you feeling utterly exhausted, scared and worried it may happen again in the future.


You may notice that each time a similar event or potential threat presents itself you begin to feel anxious or stressed again.

I know from my own experience that when you are suffering like this it is a horrible and lonely place to be when all you really want is to feel normal and live your life symptom free.  It is also exhausting trying to monitor and control everything in your outside world to avoid feeling  anxious and wondering when it might show up again.


The positive news here is that you can make a change and more importantly you can begin to do it quickly simply by gaining new insight and understanding into how your mind really works. You will quickly learn that you are not stuck like this and that you can be OK no matter how long you have been suffering without the need for feeling the fear or forcing yourself to manage or change your thoughts.

More importantly you will gain the clarity to restore and maintain calm in your life helping you to reduce stress, boost your confidence and feel happier.

Clients experience what I call the domino effect in their life where they can now see things from an entirely new perspective.



Positive change is truly empowering but it all starts with YOU.

If you are ready to take action and would like to know more please get in touch.