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Holistic Me

Telephone: 07963 938 916 

Nurturing Happier Minds, Transforming Wellbeing...

Accredited Mental Wellbeing Therapies and Coaching for Adults, Teens and Children designed to address a range of common issues and get you back on track fast.


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Hayley Glover Hypnotherapist Maidstone

Hi my name is Hayley Glover, Accredited Mental Wellbeing Therapist, Coach, Creative Mental Health cheerleader and mum!

Holistic Me has been established as professional practice since 2013 and came about from experience within my own health that prompted me to find Holistic methods of achieving better Mental Wellbeing.

Way back in my early twenties I suffered with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and feelings of Depression which limited my life in so many ways. At the time I felt trapped by my feelings and spent many years trying to 'manage' my life around my symptoms on what became an exhausting, emotional roller coaster.  Like many people I did my best to hide my feelings from those around me but there was no disguising that my confidence was in pieces and I hit rock bottom. Change was needed and I was determined to find a way.


I began researching Holistic Methods of helping improve the symptoms of Mental Health conditions specifically Anxiety and Depression which encouraged me to proceed on and train as a Holistic Practitioner. This first step alone created huge changes in my life and wellbeing and so from here I continued to study the mind and progressed to then gain a professional qualification as a Hypnotherapist and then as a Mental Wellbeing Coach

Hayley Glover

BA Hons,  PTTLS, DipHyp,

CHyp, DipLC, CMHA, HA Accredited




Adults - £65.00

(Session Duration - up to 90 mins)



Children |Teens  - £45.00  *9 to 18yrs

(Session Duration - up to 60 mins)



Reiki - £30.00 *Female clients only

(Individual Treatment - Duration 1hr)

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It was from here that I began to see real lasting transformation taking place for people and in a natural way that was accessible to everyone regardless of their symptoms.

I am now able to make a real difference in other peoples lives and Mental Health and through my practice provide a range of Accredited Services for Adults, Teens and Children that both address and bring resolution to many different issues.

My professonal experience enables me to reference and effectively integrate a number of disciplines when working with clients to assist them to facilitate positive change and has included working with individuals from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Read my reviews here


To receive more information on working with me please get in touch:

Telephone: 07963 938 916


I provide all clients with a free initial consultation by telephone and from here you can ask any questions you might have and get a feel for how I would be working with you.

Appointments are tailored specifically to your needs and structured at a pace you feel comfortable with.

You also have the option of booking either a practice based appointment or if you prefer I also provide telephone and skype based sessions too. Full details of how these options differ in content will be given during your initial consultation.


Research from The Mental Health Foundation reveals that 1 in 6 people in the UK now suffer with some form of Mental Health Issue every week with figures set to rise globally. A staggering 64.7 million prescriptions for Depressive Illness, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD and Panic Attacks were dispensed by the NHS in 2016.

Please know that you do not have to be a statistic and that change is possible for you.


I look forward to helping you be the very best you can be.




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