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Holistic Me

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Nurturing Happier Minds, Transforming Wellbeing...

"Hayley is the next best thing to a magic wand! She has helped me enormously through my battles with anxiety and panic attacks."

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Hayley Glover Hypnotherapist Maidstone

Hello and welcome, my name is Hayley Glover, and its great to have you here.

Holistic Me was established back in 2013 after experiences within my own health prompted me to seek out more positive alternative solutions to creating change and achieving better mental wellbeing.


I suffered with bouts of Anxiety and feelings of Depression throughout my twenties which knocked my self-esteem and limited me in so many ways. I did my best to hide it but even when I became a mum I was still struggling to feel ok most days and my confidence was in pieces.

I felt trapped by my feelings and spent nearly 10 years trying to 'manage' my symptoms through various routes on what felt like an exhausting, emotional roller coaster.  

I was fed up with being caught in a vicious cycle that seemed to be getting me nowhere and knew there must be an alternative way to help myself feel better.  


It was at this point that a moment of personal insight changed everything and I found a way to create transformation and shifts to my Wellbeing and Mental Health other methods failed to even acknowledge.

Better still I began to see changes quickly and this gave me my confidence back.

It didn't involve me having to feel the fear, it didn't involve me forcing myself to think positive and more importantly it was something I felt able to do at my own pace and get results.


With this new understanding I wanted to begin to make a difference in other peoples lives by sharing with them exactly what I was now able to see.

Research from The Mental Health Foundation has revealed that 1 in 6 people in the UK now suffer with some form of Mental Health Issue every week with figures set to rise globally. A staggering 64.7 million prescriptions for depressive illness, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks mental were dispensed by the NHS in 2016.


Through Holistic Me, I now work with people to provide an accessible route back to wellbeing and have successfully worked with adults, teens and children on a varied range of common issues.

My experience and training as a Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Creative allows me to reference a number of disciplines within client sessions.


To receive more information on help with a particular issue please contact me directly on 07963 938 916 or simply complete my online enquiry form with all your details.

All clients are provided with a completely Free Initial consultation by telephone which is the essential first step. From here you can ask any questions, raise any concerns you might have and more importantly get a feel for how I will be working with you.


The sessions are always tailored to your needs and structured at a pace you feel comfortable with. You also have the option of booking either a practice based appointment or if you prefer I also provide telephone and skype based sessions too. Full details of how these options differ in content will be given during your initial consultation.



I look forward to helping you be the very best you can be.


With warmest wishes,



Hayley Glover

BA Hons,  PTTLS, DipHyp,

CHyp, DipLC, CMHA, HA Accredited

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( Session Duration - up to 90 mins)



Teens | Children *10 to 17 yrs 


(Session Duration - up to 60 mins)



Reiki Healing


(Individual Treatment - Duration 1hr)

*Female clients only









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What is Reiki?


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